Maximum Angle


I setup the 45 cameras in my 3D software with -20 to +20 degrees and it looks really great.
Before I spend much rime for adjusting another setup, would -30 to 30 also work or or what is the absolut maximum angle before the 3D effect vanish?


Technically there is only one angle range which makes 1:1 real-world scaled images (and you’d have to measure the optics to figure out what that is). If you use the same number of views, but over a narrower angle the stereopsis is reduced from 1:1 reality (objects will appear flatter and rotate with the viewer head movement), and if you shoot wider it will be hyper-stereo, and the object will feel like it’s counter-rotating as you move your head back and forth. Both can still be perceived by the viewer, but may look less “real” than the perfect angle.

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ok, thank you for explaining.


Great explanation @Dithermaster!

For reference, by default in our Unity SDK (as of v1.0.0) we move a total of 35 degrees, so -17.5 to 17.5. I see now that our docs say that we move -20 to 20, but that’s actually not true so I’ll make a note to change those!


Thanks @alxdncn. Even more impressively, I was still drinking my morning coffee when I wrote it.

Is the 17.5 degrees, combined with the phase offset logic in your shader, designed to be 1:1-with-reality accurate, or just “close” based on your observations? I’ve yet to do any measurements to figure it out myself.


so it would be interesting what ange wud be the correct maximum.
I rendered a cool animation in a common 3D programm using -20 to +20 and ilooks great.
But if it‘s 17,5 each please let me know.