MakerFaire/World's Fair Nano/Event Postcard Illustrations

I thought it would be worth sharing in a post the process and development of some artwork I was requested to do outside of my regular, developer-3D creation duties. Below is a set of images I’d like to call “Shared Disciplines” (or just the postcard art is fine too.)

Main concept: same perspective viewpoint of two different classrooms happening at once. The space is shared through ‘Distance Learning’ classrooms with special camera set-up which I did one small semester of in the past (I was on site in Beijing and NYC university teaching in both locations respectively). One class is in Hong Kong and one is in New York City: to respectively represent the feeling of Looking Glass’s two labs.

Littered throughout both classrooms in the illustrations are various ‘5 years from now’ inventions that will be in creative spaces, labs, and etc. It riffs off a similar creation for the Volume by another illustrator for Looking Glass!

The more invisible concept is the idea that holograms can facilitate a way of learning or language of understanding very different topics. Whether I may be doing art or cooking (I like both), through the aid of tech, the disciplines can be shared.

Below is some ‘progression images’. I say that lightly as the line art was done all at once in one day. But the coloring is layered.