Made a Marble Run

I used to love making marble runs, but then we got cats, and cats and marble runs cannot peacefully coexist in an apartment.

But now I have a Looking Glass and Unity! This was so much fun - I don’t understand why everybody isn’t just making marble runs all the time. It really needs sound design, but that’s a big job I’m putting off!

It doesn’t come across so well in a video - the marbles are small. So here’s a link to the executable:


I like this one, great work!
For some reason, I got some intense nostalgia from this, it has a sort of “The Incredible Machine”-vibe to it.


Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it. I find it completely hypnotic to watch the marbles go around and around…

I had a great time making it, and of course I’ve continued to tinker. I’ll post a new version if I get around to the audio. I think if I can get that right it would add a lot.

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Hey Anthony!

Just ran Marble Run in my Looking Glass. NEAT-O!!! Waiting patiently for the version with audio :stuck_out_tongue:



Haha, yeah, I should definitely get back to that! Glad you like it!