[macOS] HoloPlay Service crashes upon hologram loading


I just want to share a weird experience with the HoloPlay Service app and solution for anyone who might experience the same thing as me. It took me several hours to solve this …

My HoloPlay Service (v1.1.1 and 1.1.2) crashed every time I wanted to display a hologram from https://madewith.lookingglassfactory.com/ or when I tried to start the ExampleProject of the HoloPlayCore SDK. This all happened after I migrated to a new Mac under macOS Catalina and set up the system from my Time Machine backup.

Possible cause:
I can only guess, what caused the problem. But since I observed that the HoloPlay Service app in /Library/Application Support/Looking Glass Factory/HoloPlayService/ didn’t write any log files anymore I think the access permissions of the folders were corrupted. That was somehow confirmed as simply copying the App to the applications folder solved the problem.

I uninstalled the HoloPlay Service via the “uninstall” app in the same folder. Then (and that is important!) I deleted the complete “/Library/Application Support/Looking Glass Factory/” folder and reinstalled the HoloPlay Service.

@LookingGlassFactory Team
Is there a particular reason why the HoloPlay Service app is installed in the systems library folder and not in the standard applications folder?


Hi Christian, we’ve had a few issues with permissions and are looking to release a patch that addresses this problem. I’ll let the team know about your issue so it’s taken into account for the patch. Thanks for putting so much time into exploring and solving this problem, we really appreciate it!

Hi Alex, thanks for your reply and good to hear you are already working on a patch for such permission problems.

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