MacBook Pro setup


Hi! I have the latest MacBook Pro 2018. core i9 variant. All thunderbolt 3 ports.
I have just received my std sized Looking glass (hurray!).
I need some guidance in troubleshooting though.
I have connected the device in the following way.
For power:
Supplied cable and an usb-b -> usb-c adapter.
Supplied hdmi cable plus an apple usb-c -> hdmi 1.4 adapter.

So what happens?

  1. The LG lights up.
  2. An external display is detected. It isn’t called “looking glass”, but LG… and a lot of numbers/characters.
    I have tried setting the resolution both manually and using the “best optimised for”. (the resulting resolutions are the same, checked).
    I mirrored the display (not extended).
    I can’t see anything in the LG display.
    When connecting/deconnecting the LG hdmi I can se both my Mac display and the LG display flicker, but nothing more.

I have searched the forums, but only find issues where the display isn’t detected at all.
What is my next move?

best regards emil a.k.a sniff


Reply to self. It seem the hdmi adapter is the faulting component. I update here as soon I get hold of an adapter with better specs!


Yep. 4k at 60Hz required.
I went with this one:
(Swedish store)
Now it is working!
Sorry for the buzz, but perhaps it will help someone!

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Hi @sniff, thanks for posting the solution to your problem! The adapter can indeed cause issues, so this is an important thing to be brought to the communities attention. Let us know if you have any other issues!

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