MacBook Pro Connection Problems

MacBook Pro 2.3 GHz 8 core i9, 32 GB RAM, OSX 10.15.2, AMD Radeon Pro 5500 (8 GB)

Downloaded DepthMedia Player for Mac. HoloPlay Service listed as zero kb on installer. Desktop does display on 8.9" display, but no connection through DepthMedia Player (no HoloPlay Service installed).

Windows 10 (1909) running under bootcamp. Downloaded DepthMedia Player for Win. HoloPlay Service installed. DepthMedia Player initially launched but failed to find display. Desktop does display on 8.9" display, but DepthMedia Player no longer launches.

Hi Tony, sorry you’re hitting some issues! We haven’t extensively tested Depth Media Player on bootcamp, so I would recommend against that route. We’re looking into the issue on Mac now - it seems like something went wrong either in bundling or in downloading the package.

Hi Tony, thanks for downloading Depth Media Player!
Unfortunately, there’s a bug in the installer creator that causes HoloPlay Service shown as 0 KB on the installer. However, it is not 0 KB and is required for Depth Media Player to run successfully.
Did you uncheck HoloPlay Service during the installation process, or did you not finish the HoloPlay Service installer which is ran after the installation process of Depth Media Player?
Please try running the installer again, make sure to neither quit the second installer nor uncheck the checkbox!

Had a question about where saved portrait mode iPhone photos would be on a windows computer after I ticked the box to save them in the depth media player app. Hoping someone could help as every time I reopen the app the photos I viewed previously don’t show up in the list and I can’t find the install folders in Program Files or even install directory where the photos that get saved could be.