LWRP & HDRP Currently Not Supported (1/7/2020)

In the latest versions of unity, LWRP & HDRP applications are not supported on the looking glass. The 3D blurring effect does not occur when using these pipelines.

When will these be supported?


  • EJ Mann

Hi EJ, we have an experimental version of the LWRP supported. You can see that here, although you’ll need to clone the project to make it work and the SDK is in beta. Do let us know if you have trouble with it though!

As for the HDRP, we have done some experiments there too but nothing that we’re able to distribute - it requires a heavy customization of the render pipeline. We currently do not have plans to expand our support for HDRP in 2020.

Thank you for the speedy and informative response! Much appreciated!

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