Looking Glass TV?

Despite all backgrounds - I want L. G. TV instead almost all TV options - so I do believe as many people who have a TV !!!

To do that, first of all - make it compatible with MVC Bluray players, may be a software player at first, something like https://youtu.be/hYnGhhVJ7TA .

|      And imagine if get some modern game running on L G - with all limitations - do beleive it will be  
|      shoking, forget all that niche crap. Phone and electronic watch screens, so is your tech allows to
|      make a round like screen?

So, is it a good idea overall? Should we continue…

No it is not crazy, they kinda learned that…

Probably should get lytro back… Why? It was a holographic camera, we haven’t had a screen to view? And what lytro did wrong, besides of not using 3ccd or foveon - they had to do dslr camera, with a optical reverse conversion scheme for a viewfinder, to finally get rid of focusing ring at all - do believe it can be done through phenolical interchangeable focusing screens and rear lens filters system or standalone interchangeable lightfield lens, like K-lense trying, but for content it should be more like nimslo and lytro camera - a phenolical stereo camera.
For a TV I do believe it could be way simpler to use lenticular lens array and interlaced TV with such stereoscopic phenolical camera as above mentioned and a preferred format would be something like 10k (8k looks like enough for colour resolution, so) 21:9, means that it can be done analogue even, with no need to use a supercomputer, like NV2080ti - supercomputer, what it actually is.
So to crack holography it would be something like dichroic laser projector with lightfield (maybe rear filter) lens… Now, where is mine Uma Thurman