Looking Glass Still and/or Media Player

Hello everyone! Just got my Looking Glass today and, dang, this thing is amazing! I’m at an animation studio, and would love to feed some volumetric renders from our movies for testing. Does anyone out there have a bare bones still or media player that can take in the 32 view 2048x2048 texture and playback on LG? Is there something in the Library already that can do this? I’m currently on a MBP with an eGPU. (Lowered frame rates on Unity generated items, but the Monk video plays back fine.) Thanks!

Hi! Glad you’re enjoying the Looking Glass.

We’re working hard to release some early access software that will be able to do this before the holidays, so if you can hold off for a week or so we should be able to help you out. Can’t wait to see your stuff in the Looking Glass!

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Great! Currently just made a small demo in Unity, but looking forward to feeding it higher res imagery that won’t be as beholden to the GPU. Thanks!