Looking Glass in PORTRAIT Format?

I could not find anything about using the looking glass in portrait format. I think an upright standing orientation of a hologram would make a lot of sense. I know the landscape format is a kind of standard for screens in general ( except mobile devices). But Holograms can be something different than a “cinemascope” story…
A hologram can be a “standing” representation of someting physical which takes its place in our real world of objects…it is somehow “emancipated”. This standing representation and the physicality of a hologram in some cases is much more accentuated in portrait format for reasons I cannot explain deeper here. Obvious usecases for upright portrait screen format are:

  • Standing figures, characters, objects
  • objects with motion UP/DOWN

Are there any reasons that would prevent the use of the LG in portrais format?
What about the field of view (FOV)?
Any usecase or experience out there?


No, it won’t work. It will not have any parallax in portrait mode.

Thanks for the reply.
Thats a pity…
But why is that so? I understand that a model that is created for landscape view doesnt show parallax when you turn the device 90 deg.
Is it because of the hardware? Are the filters arranged in horizontal way?
Or can there be a workaround .
If i turned the parallax images 90 degrees?

It’s because of the hardware. Then lenticular lens runs mostly up-down, so only sprays out horizontal parallax. If you have a use case for vertical Looking Glass units, contact the factory, maybe they can make some custom ones (Looking Glass for Business - Looking Glass Factory, “Get in Touch” button).

So it is the hardware indeed. I will ask the LG factory as you mentioned what they think about a portrait model and if they would consider in making one…

I’m curious why you’d want one. Considering you lose a little bit of useful volume at the edges, wider seems more useful than narrower. Maybe the “large” LG in portrait mode would work, but the “small” one, probably not.

its about aesthetics…
imagine a row of standing objects ( figurines,sculptures whatever upright)- . Amidst this row is a LG with one of these objects as holographic representation. The orientation cannot be landscape if its neighbours are upright.
The usecase would be an exhibition.

The landscape format derives as it name says from landscape painting. it is telling a story - like cinema format. This is what we are used to.
BUT Holograms are not just a new kind of 3d-movies.
A Hologram can be something real “standing” beside you. - Portrait format obviously hightens this effect.
This doesnt count for horizontal storytelling things like Cars, lying figurines, movies- of course.
This is important for scupltors maybe not for cinematographers.

Cool, thanks. Could look pretty neat.

Actually it works, but the parallax is applyed from the top to the bottom

No stereopsis is what I was getting at. Vertical parallax is not terribly noticeable unless you move your head up and down (it’s why the lack of it on LG is hardly noticeable).

with parallax i generally i assume it is the 3d effect affecting two open eyes (maybe thats stereopsis) looking at an object. Concerning the position of the spectator there are generally two horizontally arranged eyes (except triclops etc :wink: passing by horizontally. First 3d impression is made by your eyes, second enforcing impression is made by moving your head passing sideways.
I hope i understand it right.
The LG seems to be built to support that effects only in landscape format.

Is there an official channel for enhacements requests? This is a great one… having an option to purchase a vertical LookingGlass. I completely understand that the current models can’t simply be turned sideways, which makes all the more reason to have an option to purchase versions where the lenticular overlay is oriented for vertical/portrait display instead of horizontal.

Fashion retail is one use case. Any case that could display vertical objects, really … buildings, character figures, etc. This would be very useful.

I got an answer from the developers, Francois wrote:

“Currently, our commercially available display products are 8.9” and 15.6" both horizontal parralax.
We’re looking to be able to address alternative parralax and size units in 2020"

I think the lookingglass will have a great future.
For my usecase it will be 2020 then…- Maybe there will be a Portrait - standalone version.