Looking Glass for marketing applications

I love playing with new tech, just for the sake of doing it. However, practical people often show up in my studio and ask annoying questions like “what’s it for?” and “how can you make money with this?”. My first response is usually “oh, marketing” in a tone that sounds more confident than I really feel.

I do believe that there will come a moment when agencies suddenly connect the dots and realize that LG is a home run for high-traffic public space campaign deployments in malls, stadiums and maybe even transit interconnects. However, even if I’d be able to afford the large size display when I backed the project (something I’m still very sad about) it’s still one step too small to be genuinely useful in an installation context.

Sorry for burying the lede, but what I’m curious about is the theoretical capacity for the LG to be produced in a 30’ or even 50’ configuration. Obviously, the price would ratchet dramatically but are there technical concerns that would rule this trajectory out as a possibility?

If I knew that this was possible, I would already be planning to launch a holographic marketing solutions agency on whatever timeline you think is reasonable.

You need a high DPI display, 30’ to 50’ is not reasonable yet. You could do 40-80". Alternatively, you can tile many LG displays. Yes, the seams are visible.

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Thanks for the information and the chuckle. I’m Canadian, and was using my ’ and " incorrectly in an attempt to blend in with the locals. What I meant was inches, not feet.

40-80 inches would be in the perfect sweet spot of what I have in mind, given that the price of a 30 foot wall would be astronomical. :slight_smile:

Some of the new 8K televisions seem like they could do it, with a courser lenticular than LG is using on the smaller displays. But I don’t know how large of a chunk of acrylic you’d need out front to bend the light. You’d need to keep viewers from getting too close to the screen because they’d already be out of the sweet spot if they looked left or right. You should contact LG about making it for you (there is a link for “custom applications” on their website).

Sweet spot aside, there’s no way I’m going to be approaching LG about building a bigger LG. That’s not even close to realistic for what I’m talking about, nor does it seem like it’s in the spirit of supporting LKG. It sounds like a fool’s errand, actually. :slight_smile: