Looking Glass display issue dark/grey look on the corners and edges

Hi to All
i have one of the earliest looking glass. and i don’t really being using it to much…
i don’t really know when this start to come up but its seems the corners and the edges of my Looking glass are getting Darker and smokey look

Does anyone have had Same issues with the edges and corners locking darker an grey?

any ideas what to do ?

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I received my Looking Glass last week, and after using it for 3 days, now I have exactly the same problem as this, can anyone help? It just appear suddenly while using it, no special acts involved.

Hey @adriaEricsson @fga

I’m really sorry to hear about this. The dark corner issues you are seeing is a known issue that happens in some Looking Glass systems that are exposed to high humidity for a prolonged period of time. Tests we have conducted before show that such dark corners are reversible when the system is stored in a lower humidity environment / space (around 30% relative humidity) for ~20 days. Can I quickly ask about the climate of the region you are using the Looking Glass in? (weird question, haha!) and the humidity levels of the location of usage?

We are currently testing a new version of the system that is free of such dark corner problem even under prolonged exposure to a highly humid environment but we’ll need another few months to fully resolve the issue. For the immediate moment, I would suggest you to store the system in a dry location if possible.

Should the dark corners continue to be unbearable in few weeks, please do get in touch with us again and we’ll arrange to send over one of the newer units.

I hope this helps and really sorry that you’re having this issue!

Hi Nikki,

Our office (Ericsson) is located in Kista, near Stockholm (Sweden), the Looking glass was only played for 3 days, is that a prolonged period of time? it was used inside the office so I don´t know about the humidity inside the office but should be around 50%, in summer in Stockholm the humidity can reach around 80%, to be 30% it is only in some months in winter so will be impossible for us to reach that 30% for 20 days. We store the Looking Glass inside a wooden cabinet inside the suitcase provided with the pack. So I don´t think we have high humidity where we store it neither were we played it.



Greetings to All and
Thank you all for your Reply’s

Now it is Very Clear for me. i Know how much some electronics devices can be affected by humidity.
In My case i have my looking Glass since October-2018 , i am at the moment living in
Ayutthaya - Thailand (since June 2018) and here the humidity average is ~85% temp: 26°C~42°C all year around.

  • I use the looking glass at my home, in weekends free time , average 2-4 times per month , 1-2h max per use. Most of the time i keep it inside the looking Glass suitcase.

There is a possibility of i buy a small Humidity Cabinet and make some snapshots during some days to see if the looking Glass Gets improved/Restored…

But in my Case i would prefer to swap to the humidity resistant looking glass Version,
as I believe it would be very difficult for me to keep humidity levels bellow 30% … i am afraid it will return again to same state…

tell me your opinion and thoughts about it…
i wait for your reply,
kind regards
Fernando Almeida

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hi to all
in following instructions of @nikki using dry Cabinet to reduce the Humidity and try to reverse the dark grey look/spots

Starting 20h40 30-04-2019 *thailand time
the day of placing the Looking Glass in an Dry Cabinet for electronics…

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Thanks for sharing! Excited to see the results.

And definitely, I’ll reach out again when we have the new units ready for a swap out!

This problem just happened with my Looking Glass as well. I’m bummed.

I live in GA, USA

I’m going to try putting it in a dry cabinet for 20 days as recommended.

recieved the LG today - dark corners kicked in after 15 minutes

I have it too , I thought it was “normal”…
Then some people don’t have the black corners… I’m jealous !

We have had ours for less than 24hrs and are experiencing the same problem.

Unfortunately, we need to use it for a project and do not have the ability to store it and not touch it for 20days.

Can anyone tell me if it will get worse if we continue to use it?

hi to All

hi @nikki i have being busy and had to do some working trips in between and left the Looking Glass in The dry cabinet until now 1-06-2019 10 pm (th time) with average of 27-28 % humidity
And finally i decided to take the looking glass out of the Dry Cabinet… but unfortunately it seems the grey corner only reduce slight, and i just spot some artifacts (like some ice Cristal look) on top of the Screen… it seems like the Screen is peeling of slight on that edge… do you think this might be caused of excess time on the Dry cabinet ?
Now i have no idea what else can i Do ??
i Wonder if we Can Do the exchange of it to an improved version of the Looking Glass… please let me know what i should do ?
i will wait for your reply
Kind regards
Fernando Almeida

My looking glass also has this issue, any updates? Thanks!

Hopefully this is fixed somehow, mine also does the same here in Scotland… Can’t wait to be out of this country.

Same problem here, unfortunately. And I notice it is getting worse with each time I use it.

Honestly, I doubt this problem has something to do with humidity, looks more like irreversibly burned lenticular lens, caused by heat.
Is there any update on this issue?

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Hi All,

I’ve got the same issue here in California for a brand new LG. Had it for less than 24 hours, running for about 3 hours. Humidity is currently around 58% for those keeping track.

It would be great to have an update on this issue… :grinning:

Hi everyone! As Nikki mentioned, this is an issue with all of the first generation systems and, just like the viewcone limitation of 50 degrees and other limitations of our first gen tech, it’s been a challenging problem to solve. We anneal all Looking Glasses in giant ovens to reduce the issue, but moisture does partially reverse some of the annealing process.

It’s purely an optical issue and not related to the electronics being damaged over time, so the function of your Looking Glass won’t be affected – this is all the result of some polarization-based filtering of the lightfield image to clean up other artifacts, leading to this polarization artifact in the corners of the Looking Glass y’all are seeing. This only shows up in white backgrounds and should only be in the corners of the system and hasn’t been something we’ve been able to solve like some of the other limitations of this first gen version of the tech like 50-degree viewcone and resolution. And we’ve worked out how to keep the artifact isolated to the corners of the lucite block in most cases.

That said, for anyone noticing that the artifacts in your system extend within the inside border of the laser-etched frame on the Looking Glass, please write me at smf@lookingglassfactory.com and I’ll swap you out with a unit that has less prominent artifacts. And if anyone on this thread is disappointed to the point of needing a refund, first off I’m truly sorry the first gen version of the Looking Glass didn’t deliver for you – please write me and I will take care of processing the refund and hope to welcome you back into the land of the hologram when we get to generation 2 Looking Glasses.

-Shawn, co-founder and CEO of Looking Glass Factory


Hi to all


regarding this subject, i have sent you an Email…
please reply soon as possible
thank you for your collaboration

kind regards
Fernando Almeida

Got the same problem for a long time. And had sent email to smf yesterday .