Looking For a solution to fix rats webgl hit a snag?

I am facing this error from last 2 days and still don’t get any solution and the solution that I found are risky if anyone here who is expert please checkhere the solution that I found and guide me is it worth following?

Hi @booms1, what is it you’re trying to achieve? Are you using the HoloPlay.js library to make an app, or are you running existing apps? Whatever details you can provide on the specific case you’re running into issues on would be helpful.

Hey @booms1, what browser and browser version are you using? It sounds like a very outdated Chromium-based browser. The “Rats, WebGL hit a snag!” message was completely removed from Chromium (in favor of a “sad canvas”) in Chrome 67 which was released to Chrome stable late May/early June.

Please update your browser and try it out. If you’re still seeing an issue, file an issue with us in Chromium at https://crbug.com/new :slight_smile: