LKG not detected

Hey all,

We’ve got a LKG 15.6 and when I hook it up to my PC it does not want to be detected (0 devices detected). The LKG does show my desktop and if I run a demo it looks great.
I’ve tried restarting/reinstalling the service/PC, tried using DP instead of HDMI, different USB port. Nothing. I do see the HoloPlay controller connected so that’s good but I can’t seem to figure out why it doesn’t want to work on this PC. (PC specs: Intel i5 4460, 24GB ram, GTX1060)

I’ve tried it on a different one and a laptop and it was plug&Play but on the Developer PC where I could actually make stuff on is not detected which makes it hard to develop quickly as the Unity plugin tries to connect to the LKG.