Linux Support


Thanks for the quick response. I of course want interaction, but video playback might be a starting place.
I wan not able to find “quilt video viewer app” on your site.
So You think that with the linux C api, I could set thing up to just display a stream of quilts on the looking glass coming in on HDMI?
I saw the display and talked to Shawn Frayne at the Stereo Displays and Applications conference last month. The display is spectacular!


Hi! Our quilt video viewer app is currently in closed beta, but you can sign up to receive it using this form.


I’m a Linux/OpenGL/C++ developer looking to experiment with this display and potentially add support to our Linux-based product. …but I’d need basic Linux support, first.

I’ve met other folks who are interested in this display, but in a similar boat. We don’t want Unity or Windows.



Hi folks,

I just put together a Linux Holoplay.js server so that you can view Holoplay.js holograms on Linux: I uploaded a binary release as well, if you want to try it without compiling it yourself: I’ve only tested it on one machine with one device, but curious if it works reliably with others. It’s pretty simple, so I hope it does.

Big thanks to lonetech for their initial research!