Library targets the wrong screen


Hi there!

I just got my Looking Glass and it’s fantastic! I have been playing around with the Library app from the getting started guide, and I have a slight issue.

I have 3 monitors connected to my computer, with the Looking Glass adding a fourth. When I start the calibration app, I can pick Display 4 in the Unity slash screen and it displays full screen, no problem. However, when I use the Library app, and also pick Display 4, the app sets itself up so that the library screen is on the main display, but the looking glass content actually shows up on Display 2 or 3. It looks cool to see quilted content on a regular display, but it’s even cooler when it’s actually a hologram! :wink:

I assume this is a bug with Unity. Would it be possible to take a look at the source for the Library app and try to troubleshoot it? If not, maybe try submitting a bug.

For now, I can just work around the issue by disabling my other 2 monitors, but obviously it would be better if I could use them! :slight_smile:



Hi! This bug has come up for a few people and we’re working on a patch to fix it now. Sorry for the slight inconvenience! It is indeed an issue with how Unity targets displays, but fingers crossed we’ll get a version that works better for you shortly.


Thanks for the reply! I’m happy to test when the update becomes available :slight_smile:

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