Library screen flashing?


I just unboxed my looking glass and ran the test screen with no issue. However whenever I start up the library the screen flashes white like a strobe light. I am running the program on my GPU and have tried messing with the resolution options (the menu that pops up does not have an option that exactly matched the resolution of my screen.)

Any ideas?


I unplugged and re plugged in my looking glass and now all is well :woman_shrugging:


Alright, I closed the library and when I open it again the flashing problem is still happening. I can’t seem to replicate my previous solution. Also of interest is that when it worked it was a smaller windowed screen, but when it has issues it is full screen, even though windowed is checked.


Hi there, could I ask what kind of computer you’re using? Are you on Mac or Windows?


Windows. I figured out that it works if I open the library before plugging in the looking glass, then just close the message that there is no looking glass connected. I can then plug it in and everything is fine.


Hi! Can you video this problem if you get a chance? I’d like to know if it’s something that’ll affect more Looking Glass owners that we can address in some way.