Library preview panel on wrong screen


When I run the Library software the looking glass preview display keeps showing up on the wrong monitor even though I select the correct monitor in the initial settings and I cant figure out a way to move it to the looking glass because it only shows in full screen mode


Hey Martin,

Try just hitting Play (without changing any of the display settings) to see what happens! The Library is a little different because it has to render on both your primary display and also your Looking Glass. Let me know what happens when you do that!


Thank you Nikki, so when I launch an app and the settings screen comes up for that app it lets me select my monitor again and the app launches correctly on the looking glass. The thing that I cant get to work is the preview screen when you are browsing through the library. My PC has 2 graphics cards and 6 monitors and the looking glass is my 7th monitor. Im not sure if that may be part of the reason why the preview screen wont show on the looking glass instead of one of my monitors.


Hey Martin! Woah – that’s a lot of monitors! :grin: can’t say I have a straight answer for you right now but I am deferring this question over to @irreverentQ for further inspection!


Hello @martinisangry! In this Beta build (0.3.7) of the Library on PC, there’s no way to change the preview screen. We’ll be adding in the ability to choose which monitor the Library’s windows will display on in an upcoming release early next year. Thanks for your feedback!

~Nolan, Looking Glass Library developer