Library Causes Reboot


The test app works, and the library app did work briefly, although it was rendering to my 2nd display for the preview (I have 3 displays including LKG). I managed to get it to render to the LKG for the preview, but now it causes a reboot about 5-10 seconds in. Anyway I can provide some debug logs?


Hey Brian! I’m Nolan, lead on the Library. Sorry to hear it’s not working for you. Can you tell me which OS you’re running it on? Debug logs would be great, you can send them to We are working on some expanded multi-monitor support for the Library right now, so hopefully we can fix your issue soon.

Thanks for using the Library!


I’m using Windows 10 Pro. I’ve sent the log. I’m excited to get this up and running.


Hey Brian,
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reproduce your crash based on the debug log. Could you provide some more details about which graphics card and how much RAM your computer has? Thanks!


Does “reboot” mean that the display shuts down and starts back up? Check your USB connection. Is the Looking Glass connected along with a bunch of other things? Is it connected through a hub? Is it USB 3? Is there sufficient power at the USB port?


My computer reboots. The port in use is USB 3. The video card is an ASUS Strix GTX 1080 Ti. Drivers are the latest. The video card information is available in the logs. Perhaps this is some sort of driver issue with the video card? Oh and 16GB of RAM.

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Hey Brian!

Still no luck on our end reproducing the crash, your specs look fine to me. Could you make sure your computer is plugged in, and you have the latest version of the Library? (If you go into Settings, you’ll be to see the version number in the lower right corner, current version is 0.3.7)

We have a new version of the Library coming out early next week, so if we can’t get it figured out then hopefully that one will work better for you.


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