Leap Motion issue unity

My leap motion isn’t working properly or I am not using it properly with unity. Everything is fine after it reads my hands, but the initial hand read upon game start out of edit mode in unity, has problems. When I press play in unity I enter the game, and the hands enter as well once I position them over the leap. But, the second it reads my hands, the hands destroy/interact with everything in the scene. How do i fix this? I just want the hands to start in a particular place so they don’t interact with anything until my hands want to. Thank you.

Hi holo, I don’t quite understand what’s going wrong, but we have this documentation that can help you get up and running with Leap Motion! Adding a Leap Motion - Looking Glass Creators Guide

If you don’t want the leap hands to interact with things when you first put them in, you could always have them only interact with objects after a certain amount of time or on a gesture, like pinch!

Thank you ! I think your suggestion about putting the leap object closer to my hands in unity fixed a lot as well.