L3D app advice please?!

HI…I realise the L3D cube has been and gone and for some reason seem obsolete when it comes to sourcing information…
I had an app loaded on my iMac which, from memory, we could change the “patterns” running via cubetube.

Does anyone happen to know the name of the app?

I have read(tech noob) that its all happening via my photon, but as I do not have a Setup button I can hold for 3 seconds OR a slider-switch that can be moved to “Online” , I cannot use the Particle app I read would do the trick.
Seemingly my issue boils down to not knowing how to connect the cube to wifi…hence why I had used the app.
About 6 months ago my Mac crashed during an update, resulting in a new reinstall. I lost the app and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.

Incidentally, do I have an older or newer model of cube, given my lack of “online” switch or Setup button??!!

Thanks in advance


Found it.

Hey, Chris. I just got one of these recently and wondered if you found any useful information/apps on customizing these and setting up Audio react abilities etc. (I’m on PC)

Seems Cubetube is not functioning correctly