JoyTouch : JoyCon x HoloPlayer One x Animation Suite Concept

JoyTouch is a HoloPlayer One animation concept that enables the user to animate a rigged model utilizing the input of a JoyCon controller! A complex concept designed for intuitive usage in the floating lightfield. Project is in the process of being stabilized for potential further development.

Important to note that Unity does not come with native IK handle, pole vector, constraints, or special rigging tools. This, for developers using animated models, is usually done in an external program like Maya. What usually happens, pish or posh, is that the joints animated with controls in Maya or other have all of their keyframes baked and imported into Unity or Unreal for use. In Maya, I have a rigged models with minimal constraints and control curves. I duplicate the same process using C# and a plug-in called Final IK in Unity.

JoyTouch created at Looking Glass NYC. Animation concept, rig, components, study: Benjamin Poynter. JoyCon library : Evan Kahn. 2018.