Control the HoloPlayer (and other Unity apps) with a Nintendo Joy-Con.



Relevant blog post here. Instructions for use here.

  • Does not use HoloPlay SDK
  • Does not use Realsense
  • Does not use sound
  • Requires a Joy-Con


Cross-platform UnityPackage and source code here


Thanks so much for sharing this! I’ve been experimenting with the library to create gestural sound control in Unity. I want to connect two JoyCon controllers, but haven’t figured out a solution yet. Is it possible at this point? Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi! At the present time the library does not support more than one Joy-Con at a time; however, there is no technical reason preventing that. I will try to update this very soon with support for multiple Joy-Cons.

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Significant JoyconLib update: position tracking now works quite well!

If you have a Switch, I would recommend calibrating the motion sensor on your Joy-Cons before use.

(dear iambacon, i have not forgotten about you! :])


@iambacon The current Github repository now supports multiple Joy-Cons - however, this isn’t my priority at the moment, so it may not be very cleanly implemented. When I get around to it i’ll add in features like being able to resync Joy-Cons without restarting the program, etc., but right now the multiple Joy-Con feature is untested and experimental. You’ll need to download from the GitHub repository (it isn’t in a release version yet).

In this iteration, JoyconManager has a member object j, which is a List of Joy-Con objects rather than a single Joy-Con object. JoyconDemo.cs has been updated to reflect this. Please shoot me a message here if you have trouble getting it up and running.

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:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks @esk! The multiple Joy-Con support seems to be working fine. But since the update, I’ve been having an issue with button input. It looks like Joycon.GetButtonDown() is sometimes being called twice when a button is pressed. I’m stuck trying to figure it out… Have you run into this issue?