JoyCon Controller usage


I see from the demo videos that at least “Squishy Squad” supports JoyCon controller input. However, I tried various methods to connect the JoyCon controllers to my Windows 10 laptop with no luck:

  1. Just connecting to Bluetooth

  2. vJoy driver with mfosse feeder driver - seems to connect to controllers (makes one vibrate), but does nothing with Squishy Squad, and I have no other way to test if they are actually working as input in general.

  3. BetterJoyForCemu

Is anybody here using JoyCon controllers with Looking Glass apps? If so, which app and how are the controllers configured to work with the Windows 10 PC? Thanks :slight_smile:



I wrote a JoyCon library for Unity about a year and a half ago, which is what the demo in the video runs on. (Fun fact, I based my code on mfosse’s vJoy driver, and BetterJoyForCemu was in turn based on my code.) The build in question was probably a custom one, there is no official support for that library in our SDK at the moment.

I haven’t had time to work on it lately but maybe at some point in the distant future I’ll roll it back in!


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Thanks for responding, Evan :slight_smile:

So I guess there is not general support in all the existing Unity apps like I perceived. Are you saying it would only be apps compiled/re-compiled with your Joy-Con driver? And/or would the apps have to implement the Joy-Con support (using your library)?

In the meantime, what Joy-Con implementation do you recommend for Windows. I am not really sure if either of the two ways I tried worked :frowning:


Yes, it would require apps compiled with the Joy-Con driver in mind. I believe @oliver patched the driver into Squishy Squad the day we filmed that video – I always said to myself that if people saw the video and bought a Looking Glass because of the Joy-Con feature, I would fix up the library and build it back into all the apps for real. Maybe your post is my inspiration to resume that project. :slight_smile:

As for what you can do right now - a year after I worked on that project, I’m not seeing many solutions out there that are better than it - XJoy is much more reliable than my own library and it’s good for quickly getting Joy-Con buttons working on PC, but it’s not very full-featured. I’ve actually been working on patching it to bring it up-to-date with the Cemu library.

One day I’ll bundle all the features I worked on for the Unity library into a crossplatform shared library - then people can build it into a controller library or a Unity plugin as necessary - but that day is not today, unfortunately, as I’m hard at work building other tools I’ve promised people in these forums. :slight_smile:

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