Issue with Windows Text & Application Scaling Option

Hey there!

I found that there is an issue with the windows display text & application scaling option.

I have a setup with two screens on 150% text & app scaling as well as the looking glass with 100% text scaling.
When I start my application, the window that is launched (based on the code from the sample project) does not fill out the looking glass completely, only for about 2/3 of the screen.
This does not happen when my two other screens are set to 100% text & app scaling.
In both cases, then looking glasses resolution is deduced to be 2560x1600 pixels.
I use the new HoloPlay C++ API.

Do you know if there is a solution to this?
Obviously it’s possible to work around that by changing my other two screens’ scalings, but it would also be nicer if that was not needed :smiley: