Is this image jumping normal?

We just received our display. The image seems to jump in the center of the viewing angle. I’ll try to attach a gif.


Is this normal?


Hi Shaun, just sent you an email, but will reproduce my response here in case others come across this!

That’s definitely not how it should look! There’s something wrong with how the display has been set up or the calibration. This thread on our forum may be relevant for you.

The main takeaway from that is that there’s something wrong with your center, which is often caused by screen scaling issues. Are you on Windows or Mac? In either case, please ensure that your displays both have scaling set to 100% in display settings. If the problem persists, please let us know!

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the fast response. I’ll follow up with email.

it’s normal because you are not in fullscreen mode (we can see the task bar at the bottom, then it’s not a real fullscreen)

Look at this topic, it’s the same problem

I didn’t see the taskbar, @Tom_Lecoz, but it’s true Shaun that if you see the taskbar on your Looking Glass then something is certainly off with your screen settings. Can you confirm whether or not this is the case?



That is not the taskbar, that’s the UI on our example scene @Tom_Lecoz.


Oups excuse me , I though it was the taskbar :zipper_mouth_face:

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No task bar.

Thanks for helping.