Is it possible to use the Supersampling to improve the quality that we look?

VR usually use the Supersampling to improve the quality of games.So is it possible to use the Supersampling to improve the quality that we look in LKG?

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Super sampling is an antialiasing technique, and it applies equally well in Looking Glass, although probably with less dramatic effect as it does in VR. In VR you see all the pixels. Here you see a subset due to the multi-view lenticular lens. Sizing the quilt textures to be a good size, and using super sampling and other good rendering techniques when creating them, will create the best output.

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If you want to improve the look you should try using the CTAA asset for Cinematic quality example:

My camera settings could of been better but there are other examples without CTAA that show high frequency artifacts like looking at brighter than normal pixels.

Thanks for your suggestion. Do you think the CTAA asset is worth for the price?

Depends on your needs. If you want to display things professionally such as marketing products - yes. If you want to use it for making games then yes and no. There is a bit of performance cost but can be mitigated with little RND. My scenes are heavy/performance demanding but I have some potential solutions to utilize. There is a new alternative to use with RTX graphic cards that might be superior and not compromise performance NVIDIA’s DLSS anti - aliasing technique. Might even be free on the Asset store but I have no idea if this will work on the Looking Glass display.