Is a Z position in front of the display possible?

Reading about how this works, it seems that it should be able to display an image that appears to be in front of the display itself. In theory it could display the views for that object as long as the Looking Glass is behind it. However, from documentation and videos it sounds like it cuts off models too far in that z direction. Has anyone tried to get this working? Are there any other real barriers to this other than reduced sharpness due to being too far from the zero-parallax plane?

It is possible for virtual images to be in front of the device or well behind it, but as you noted, the further virtual images get from the plane of the screen the “fuzzier” they get. I think the clipping in the software can be adjusted and you can try it.

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As Dithermaster says, pushing content far beyond the block is certainly possible in all of our SDKs and tools. The visual effect just isn’t very good because the views begin to break apart too much, and having content be inside the block adds a number of cues to your brain to help it process what it’s seeing as 3D. So you’re welcome to play around with it, but we certainly recommend staying within the block!

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Thanks! I’ll have to try it. It would certainly be cool to have a huge display embedded in a wall or table for things like terrain maps or architecture, and being able to display a little bit outside of the block may help add to that hologram feeling.