INverted Stereo?

It’s been a while…

I had to dust off one of my old Looking Glass displays but show some of the newer demos.

The original demos look great as always (Demo Pack May 15 2018). But when I downloaded the library and even the newer HoloPlay-Test-0.2.7, the stereo seems to be broken. When you move side to side looking for the parallax, the images seem to follow you and show the opposite side, instead of staying in place. It might be that the right and left channels are inverted but I don’t know how to fix this.


Hi Santiago, it does indeed sound like the views are being inverted! Do you happen to know the serial number of your unit and/or when you got it? It’s possible that there’s something amiss in the calibration, which we can help you reset.

Hi thanks.

in the back there is a number that reads. LG2K - 0.3 - 008

And we got it some time in 2017

Sorry, 2017 was the older one. Not this.

Hi, are you able to go to this URL with you Looking Glass plugged in and send me the values of your calibration data? Feel free to email me directly at

Hey Alex,

Nothing really comes up at that URL, just a blank page.

There is a chance that my company is blocking something and there is a greater chance I’m doing something wrong.

Oh sorry, I should have gotten you to download this driver before you go to the calibration test URL! Would you mind trying that again?

did you get my email?

I did! Apologies on the delayed response. I’m checking over the calibration data with our Lead Software Architect and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Hi again, it seems you have a very old Looking Glass indeed! Your system has an older calibration loading system, so you should actually be able to see your calibration by going to the flash drive that opens up on you computer when you plug in the Looking Glass. In there is a calibration file. I believe all you’ll need to change is a value called “invView” from 0 to 1. That’s a bit complicated, but I’m sending you, via email, your corrected calibration file (I believe).

Hello, yes I got the other email and I know how to get to my calibration file. I’ll give it a shot.



It works again. thanks

I only changed the “invView” variable. should I change any of the other ones to update them or leave as they are?

Leave them as they are unless another issue comes up! I only changed the invView in that JSON I sent you. If something else does break, let me know and I’ll do my best to get that sorted.

Hey!! This is the same problem I am having, Sorry I didn’t see this after posting my issues. The title was misleading. I will try this technique out and respond to this with a result…

Edit: unable to fix due to it being a newer model. I posted a video under the eye strain topic, but here it is again… Video.

So I have this same issue. The problem is that I couldn’t figure out how to reset calibration because I have a newer model. Can you guys guide me through as to how to fix this?

This shouldn’t be the same issue as yours, I believe you’re experiencing an issue with your center value and not the view cone value. I sent you a message on the other forum thread, hopefully we’ll get you fixed up soon, and sorry for the delay!