Introducing HoloPlay Core

Hello all! Today, we launched HoloPlay Core, a new tool to allow folks to integrate Looking Glass support for their custom rendering pipelines. Don’t use Unity or Unreal? No problem!

This is meant to replace our (now deprecated) C API. Currently, we’re releasing the tool as a closed beta, but once we get some feedback and get the chance to refine the tool, we’ll be broadening out distribution.


Great news!

I noticed support for Linux is mentioned.

The SDK comes in two different flavors:

  • Native dynamic libraries for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • JavaScript for web or Node development

Found here: Overview - The Looking Glass User Guide

Is this still a future aspiration, or is it available today?

It’s available today!

Now that we’re loading calibration through HoloPlay Service (our main blocker in supporting Linux in the past was Linux-specific device calibration loading) we have support for Ubuntu. We’re looking at supporting some RPM-based distros too. Because of this, our Unity SDK and HoloPlay.js both support Linux now!

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This blog post by the lead developer on HoloPlay Core also gives a good overview of what the tool is and the details of our Linux support.

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