Introduce yourselves, dear Hologram Hackers :-)


Hi everyone!

I’m a technical artist at a game studio in Seattle, WA USA! It’s been very exciting to see the glasses-free 3D tech evolve over the last 10 years or so! I received my LookingGlass this week and am looking forward to digging in!




i am Richard, originally Dutch, now living most of the time in Germany, around Berlin

i love to use the to create some magic related to the acts we do at different kind of festivals.

open for co-creating projects with others from around the world :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Chris, science researcher working in nanotechnology in France. So not a coder, an interested potential end-user sniffing around and curious to see what we could do with the looking glass to visualise molecular structures. Loving what I’m seeing so far!
To save us reinventing the wheel with some of our software tools, would be useful if we could port java to the glass (e.g. ‘jMol’) - any hints and suggestions much appreciated.


I am an artist doing mostly VR in CAVEs.
I mostly do interactive abstract work programmed in C C++ using CalVR as my interface.
I am interested in displaying this work on the looking glass display.