Introduce yourselves, dear Hologram Hackers :-)


Thanks! I have returned to Massachusetts already though. I will take a look at the SDK regardless.


Hi I’m Nick!
I’m from Maine!

I’m captain of Code for Maine (code for america network) so I’m into CIVIC TECH and CITIES!

I went to the hologram hackathon and I made HOLO JENGA (experimental builds section of forum)


I’m on Twitter: @nickkauf

I want to make civic tech and urbanism holograms

I’m new to programming but experienced in urbanism/sociology/talkingtoppl. I want to learn more Unity, JS, etc


Those wiggly HOLOJENGA pieces have totally ruined my wooden Jenga gameplay. Thanks Nick.


gotta figure that glitch out! it seems like the blocks are scaling from some null point outside them when they move within rigid body physics


Hi all,

Nice meeting you. I am Chen. I am an iOS audio and video developer currently working for small start up company named Vinyl Dreams, which should be launching a music creation app anytime soon.
I also love compression algorithms and their concepts, like JPEG,MP3,MPEG 4 etc, and for this reason I found Looking Glass on my searches (Volume display) of implementing a real 3D compression algorithm (for RGBA pixel information on a 3 dimensional matrix). My first steps can be found on my project here
Unfortunately, technology for such a display doesn’t exist yet, but I hope that my file format and compression methods for this futuristic device, will be helpful in the future.
I look forward to keep in touch with you all and follow the progress of any volumetric and holographic displays and ideas.


Holy crap! Impressive! :smiley:


Hey I’m aaron, i write a lot of code, webapps, some native. I’ve always been an oil painter, but last few years I’ve really been getting into 3D modeling/animating, most recently in ZBrush and Unity. Just starting to work on an AR cartoon. I also make a lotta music over at

Love the space and work y’all are making over there at the Looking Glass, i sometimes live in greenpoint so I wanna come by again sometime!

Cheers, love, peace,
Smokey :tornado:


Welcome Aaron! Glad to see you on here. And we’ll noted on your activity/comments. :wink: Thanks bro.

Josh, Aaron, and I spent some time together at Aaron’s studio IndieCade weekend. He is most welcome in the hacker hangout.


Hello All,

My name is Santiago Alfaro, I’m a Research Scientist with Intel Labs. I’m interested in the UI challenges of interacting with holograms.

Design is my forte, not so much the coding so I’ll be asking a bunch of questions here.



Welcome Santiago! ^ _ ^

Ask away.
Let us know what you discover haha


Hello all,

Nice to meet you! I’m one of the cofounders of Sensorium, a creative studio that creates a lot of VR/AR installations. Here’s our site:

Looking forward to sharing more about holograms and digging into all the cool Looking Glass Factory offerings!



Nice to meet you John! Super excited to have you here :slight_smile:


Hiio Holo-world,

My name is Joseph Hill, I recently graduated from college with honors from the Art Institute of California - Hollywood. Earning a bachelors of science degree in visual and game programming. I received a borrowed prototype version of the looking glass from a fellow maker friend, Steve Goldstein, at my local hackerspace I was asked to prototype a Holo-Chess game. I have the chess engine and the looking glass setup. Currently working to adapt the chess engine from standard dot net C# to Unity Mono Develop. Im loving this holohacking, I will buy one for myself soon as I find some contract work at a company with autism inclusive hiring because 99% of neurotypical HR ppl should be automated. Currently are there any company’s searching for holo-hackers?

Looking forward to contributing here!

Joe H


Hi, my name is Mariano Buendía from Murcia Spain, i´m the nº 687 backer.


Welcome Joe! Y bienvenido Mariano! :grinning:


Hey All- I’m Andrew I’m a game designer and artist living in Brooklyn!


Nice @athomitron! Party on Nov 15th at the Greenpoint lab!! :sunglasses:


Hi all,
I’m Lindsay a UK games programmer.
I just found out about this piece of kit and I love it.
I need to do some cool things with this for 2019 trade shows : )


Hi Lindsay !!! Awesome! Let us know how we can be of help. Excited to have you onboard the hologram train!



I am Greg Downing I have a small company called Hyperacuity in Los Angeles. I specialize in a bunch of scanning tech w/ photogrammetry, laserscanning, light fields etc mostly for VR projects. Lots of cultural heritage work some entertainment VR promoting as music and movies. I am excited to have a new way to show my work!!

I use to make real analog holograms using lasers and film.