Introduce yourselves, dear Hologram Hackers :-)

I’m Peter from Denmark -
I work as an exhibition designer - focussing on using the digital toolbox in the physical world -
I would love to implement the looking glass in exhibitions - starting on friday, when the holographic baby arrives at the office :slight_smile:

btw. anyone made a camera setup for the looking glass in 3ds max?

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I’m Jacob, an undergraduate in Materials Science from the United States, and my research group is having me look into using the Looking Glass to see if it’s useful for displaying electron tomography.

I’m relatively new to the world of 3D imaging and coding, so any help or tips would be appreciated!


Hello! I’m Dorian and I am here to build an application that uses the Looking Glass to display visual feedback about audio coming in through an ASIO audio interface. I’m a musician, sound designer, and sometimes coder (with some C++ experience). I don’t know Unity but going through tutorials now.

My question for anybody who would be willing to help… is the Unity SDK the right way to go about this? Is it possible to work with incoming audio stream(s) in Unity? Should I go with the C++ API instead?

I’m new and a little overwhelmed. Any helpful advice is appreciated!



Our Unity SDK is definitely easier to use, better supported, and more stable than our C API, so we encourage people to make that their first stop! As for audio streaming, I’ve never done that work in Unity myself but I’d imagine you’d be able to track down some solutions online.

Welcome! Check out our docs site for sure, and if you have additional questions you can always post on the forums or email us at

Sup everyone! I am the DoP of, focusing on high quality Photogrammetry for VR/AR use

Just got the LKG, and STOKED to be using it for volumetric filmmaking like this



My name is Jake Adams! I plan on working with the looking glass to improve pain management in particular patients, via the power of immersion (flow). I am researching video game immersion tactics and applying them to my project with the looking glass display.

I am super excited! The particular thing that I am making will be available by August. I don’t want to mention the particulars at this moment, but I will update you soon!! I am glad to have found a nice community of holographic display lovers! I am new at this, so it will be a great design challenge. By the way, looking glass employees are so nice! Thank you for your support.


Hi there!
Heard yesterday the first time about the lookingglass. Today I am here reading and posting… The LG seems to be very exciting.
I am a real live sculptor who is looking forward to merge virtual and real exhibition forms of art… I did some research about the usual VR/AR goggles as well as the MS Hololens… but the hardware and useability wouldn`t meet my requirements. I am looking for something that can reside beside real objects with a kind of real physical presence…
That said, I would have the first question already, but i dont know yet where to post it:

What about PORTRAIT FORMAT ? ( or is there only landscape orientation possible?)

-is it possible ? - regarding the field of view etc…- is there a usecase?
Maybe someone can give me a hinch to the direction where this is discussed…

Greetings from Croatia,



You can use your LG in portrait format but the parallax effect will be applyed in the vertical direction.
the parallax effect is applyed on a single axis

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Hi Joerg! We don’t currently have a portrait format available and the hardware cannot be used in this way, unfortunately. We’ve done some experiments in this direction, however, and will continue to update our community as those projects advance!

thanks for the info, i will stay put and wait for further developments…

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Hi everybody, happy to join the community of all things holographic… it’s safe to say that it is fascinating to have the Looking Glass device on my desk… played around with it using Unity and the HoloPlay SDK and the results are very encouraging… I’m especially interested in exploring use cases in the PLM/CAD/Manufacturing realm and I’m excited to learn what fellow developers are up to…

Best regards


Hi @ws682411

Welcome to the community! We’re excited to see how you use the Looking Glass in PLM/CAD/Manufacturing work! Please post in the forum and share videos of how you use it :slight_smile:

Hello all,

I’ve been playing around with 3D in general for many years already, mainly as a hobby, but I also did a professional AR gig a few years back with Unity and Vuforia. I already noticed the Looking Glass a while back, but last weekend I decided to order one, so I am currently impatiently waiting for its arrival :smiley:

I already have many things in mind that I want to develop with the Looking Glass in mind, so looking forward for the first day I can play around with it.

Suggestion for a next version:
Create a rotatable version, so we can also see physics in action (fluids with behaviour depending upon the rotation position of the Looking Glass) …

See you all soon with my experiments!
Cheers - Anne


Hi my name is Paul
I’m from the UK and you could be forgiven for thinking that British politics is holographic at the moment, in that it’s a ghost with no substance.
Aside from that, I’m retired and it sems like many retirees, being able to access the new and exciting technological developments outside of a working environment is amazing.
I’ve always wanted holographic tv since I saw it in a play back in the 1970s. Also in 1977 I went to an exhibition of laser holograms at the Royal Academy in London. It was called Light Fantastic.
I’ve bought a NUC computer to run the Looking Glass and now appreciate that consequently, I can access full Virtual Reality. I’m getting the Leap Motion sensor and later on an Oculus Rift headset.
I am an enthusiastic user of 3D print technology and am forever printing a variety of models. I give out free models to the kids in my neighbourhood to encourage their STEAM education.


hello guys,im happy to be there

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Hello, my name is Petri and I am a student at HAMK in Finland, currently developing content for the 8.9" Looking Glass as part of my internship at a research unit in my university. I have been discovering the wonderful world of 3D content creation for the past year using Blender. The holographic technology is amazing and I am excited to have the opportunity to work with.



My name is Jesús, i am a Unity developer working in the automotive field. Currently developing for the 15.6" Looking Glass. This technology is thrilling and i’m happy to know more about it and experiment a lot with it!

Best regards!



I am a middle school technology teacher. I think that the Looking Glass display will add to my 3D modeling and animation units. I have primarily worked with Tinkercad and Scratch as they are pretty kid friendly, but I am going to try out Blender with my more advanced students. Hopefully students will be able to see their creations pop out on the display.

If there is a thread for educators, please point me in that direction!



Hi, My name is Chuck, I am a mechanical engineer with a manufacturing company. My company recently purchased a LookingGlass display. I am learning to use it.