Image jumping just to the right of centre

I’m having an issue similar to a few other people in the forums - the image on the Looking Glass is jumping unexpectedly.

I’m able to move really far around to the left of the display before getting any issues, but I can only move a tiny amount to the right of center before the image jumps.

When I look at the test app it looks like it’s not quite calibrated properly. When I sit right in the middle of the Looking Glass, the sphere up top doesn’t fit perfectly in the center of the red ring. With my left eye only, the sphere just touches the right side of the ring, and with my right eye it goes out beyond the right side of the ring.

I’m not getting any errors and the display appears to work fine otherwise (nothing is garbled/the 3D effect works).

(edit: I can confirm that the resolution is 2500x1600 and all displays on my computer are set to 100% scale)

Here’s a small video showing what’s happening: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

That looks really far off, I’ve flagged this with our support team! Could you please go tothis page and download the web drivers, then go to this page and send me the text snippet that comes out? You can send it to!