I suppose I should not even mention Linux?


for reasons “too long to explain” I recently made it work my whole world in Linux as well.

Which means I could make the Looking Glass work there as well if only there would be a way to read that JSON string.

Which could be possible if there would be a version of that driver for Linux too.

Any hopes for the future maybe ?

( ok ok I know 'in a super weird case scenario probably I could cheat and ‘interrogate’ your own website/thing and someway ‘grab’ the string from there )

Actually I am guessing I should try that ?



I haven’t tried this and I don’t have the hardware on hand, but AFAIK the LG is purely a USB HID device. It doesn’t require drivers. So you should be able to get the info really easily.

Try playing with usbhid-dump in a terminal and see if the info you need is there?


I recently created a drop in replacement for the holoplay.js drivers for Linux which could be adapted for anything else that needs the configuration string: https://github.com/newhouseb/linuxholoplayjs. So far it’s worked on a Desktop and a Raspberry Pi.

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Hi! I know this has been brought up several times in the forums, and we’re trying to figure out the best approach to Linux support in the team. Our main concern is the need to support software, however minimal. We’re spending some time this week to scope out what the requirements of our community are and how much development work will be needed to get something into the hands of Linux developers, but in the meantime @benzn solution seems like a good place to start! The calibration information would be the same if we expose it directly through the USB HID, so it shouldn’t be a problem to port work over to our solution when that’s released.

Sorry to keep you all waiting on this, thanks for being patient with us!