I just received it, it's great but


Hello !

I received my LG today (the small one) and my very first impression was very bad…
But my second one was great and with some demos I thought it was much better than what I expected actually but it need a particular context to be great.

I opened the box in the company I work every day, my PC is far from my screen and the wires given with the LG are really short (in my opinion). The only solution I had has been to put the LG over the “central unit” of the PC and it was very under us when we tryed it ; our distance from the LG was too big to be interesting or too short to be nice to watch…
In my opinion, you should raise the price of 10$ and provide longer wire (hdmi / usb) with the LG to ensure a great first experience.

Another thing, for different reasons I had no free space at all on my computer and when I had tryed to download the demo, it just not work without any error message then I was thinking something like “well… nothing work except the clock in 3D…I’m very disappointed”

At home, the wire was also too short but I was able to move the PC and I’m now using the LG in good conditions - and it’s really great ! - . My graphic card is an old geforce 750 ti, I didn’t think it would be able to give me a good experience but I tryed the demo made by vimeo in the better quality possible and the framerate was something like 20-24 fps I think , much much more than what I expected - I will buy a geforce 1660 ti soon anyway - . When I’m sit at my desk in front of the screen, the distance of vision is nice, the quality is great and I’m impressed actually, sometimes it’s better than what I imagined

Another-problem - and it’s the same at home - , when you connect the LG to your computer, the resolution on the LG is very very poor, it make it even hard to use because it’s impossible to see anything. I didn’t find how to get a good resolution on the LG when it only mirror my original screen (without 3D content at all) . Is there a solution for this problem ? I doubt I’m only one to speak about it

Another-thing : the exemple you give here (at the bottom of the page)

is not the best to try the LG ; the demo is cool but it’s a bit too abstract to really appreciate the hologram-effect. In my opinion, you should just give a basic demo with a cloud-of-thousands-of-static-cubes moving on the Z-axis with a light effect, and that’s all. It would be (in my opinion) easier to see / test the hologram-effect.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your product, it’s great !


An example of what I can see in 2D (the picture is not blurry, it’s what I see)


Hi Tom, I’m glad you’ve (mostly) enjoyed your time with the Looking Glass so far! I’ll make a note of the cable request, it’s not something that’s come up a ton but it’s good to keep in mind in terms of catering to different desk setups.

As for the resolution, we recommend (especially on PC) that you extend your displays rather than mirror them. That way, you can have your 2D experience with UI entirely on your primary, conventional monitor, and just have 3D content show up in your Looking Glass!

Finally, when it comes to framerate, you can always select a lower quality setting on projects from the Library. This will decrease the visual quality, of course, but will bump up the framerate significantly. You could try that out on your 750 ti and see if that allows you to try out more of the apps!


Thank you for your message !
I use to be very critic with everything but I really like it :slight_smile:

Concerning the poor resolution of the 2D content, it’s not a dramatic problem because as you said I can use my main screen to do 2D-stuff but can I ask you why the resolution has to be poor when you only see the things on the windows-desktop ?

It’s probably a false impression but in some movie I feel like the resolution is much better than the one you have by default.

The framerate is not an issue, it’s all the contrary, I’m impressed how good it works with my old graphic card. The day before I receive the LG, I was thinking about buying a very expensive computer in order to be able to use it in the better condition possible but actually I think I will only replace my graphic card, it’s already much better than what I expected !

PS : with a great graphic card, does the vimeo-demo run at 60 fps ?
PS2 : I’m not sure why but when I open the “library” the max resolution possible is 2048 x 1536, not 2560x1600

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Oh I see! The reason the image looks blurry on the Looking Glass when it’s 2D is that there’s a lenticular lens on top of the screen that the light is filtering through. This is a core component of how we make things display in 3D, but it has downsides when it comes to displaying 2D content.

The vimeo demo should indeed run at 60fps on a better graphics card, and we’re working on optimizing video playback in general internally.

Not sure about the library’s max resolution… that may be because it’s set to be windowed.

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After some test, I was able to improve the 2D-rendering a bit.
It’s far from being wonderfull but I’m able to read some text , not only the biggest one.
It’s still very blurry and chaotic but it’s better.

I just used 20-25 planes with a different z for each and a very low level of transparency , applyed on 45 views

You can try it here :

(it’s not interactive, it’s just an image)

PS : and here is a very basic demo just to illustrate the hologram-effect

PS2 : I oberserved that the result are much better when the mesh do not collide the edge of the LG because there is a kind of mirror effect very disturbing. Do you think it’s possible to reduce this mirror effect ? Maybe if I add some “walls” around the LG (?) , not sure…


Cool demo, thanks for putting that together! If you check out our Unity SDK, we have an example scene in there that addresses 2D text a bit, that might be worth checking out.

As for the cubes, that’s a very neat demo as well! If you keep making stuff, please consider submitting it to us using our submission form. We’re launching a site to allow people to view and share each others’ HoloPlay.js projects in the next few weeks and I’d love to see your work up there!


I found a solution concerning the mirror-effect that appear when a 3D object is too close to the edges of the LG.

I just use a “scissor” on the ouput-image to apply a black border of 125px around the movie.
In my opinion, it’s less tiring for the eyes and make it more pleasant to watch.

You can check the difference here :

without border : http://beginfill.com/holoplay/withoutBorder/

with border : http://beginfill.com/holoplay/withBorder/

(the picture may take a little time to appear because I compute 144 views on a huge texture (16384x16384) ; I think that it reacts better with a higher amount of view when the 3d-objects are very close to the camera, but it may be just an impression, I’m still testing, I’m not sure )

  • the 144 views are captured a single time, you don’t need a computer from the NASA to run it but it may be slow to appear -