How many apps in library now?


I am very interesting in Looking Glass but i miss the chance to pledge the early brid.
May i ask how many apps in library now ? and…
Is it possible to has a x’mas sales ?


Hello! I’m Nolan, developer on the Library. There are about 20 apps in the Library right now, from our internal team as well as outside parties like Vimeo and Voxatron. We have another half a dozen planned to drop in mid-January, and many more coming from creators in the community after that! We’ll also be expanding our selection of Lightfield images and videos.


I had pre-ordet the looking glass. So it’s not important for the answer now. I guess it shall be still have lots of people are interesting in the looking glass. But we need more informations before we but it. Wishing more users will enjoy this amazing product and more activities of this forum in the future.