How good is the immersion overall?

I’ve been interested in immersive technologies since the beginning of VR launch. However, when I tried VR headsets, I never actually could feel immersed. I haven’t felt as though i was in a different place. I’m wondering if Looking Glass can provide that immersion/presence? Is it possible to not only see a 3D object but also feel its presence viscerally as though there’s literally someone else in the same room?

Hi @marcus! I’ll let someone else from the community weigh in here, but I will say that the Looking Glass is quite different from VR. We usually think of it as providing a window into another world or, at other times, bringing something digital to life.

Hi. I was wondering If i saw, for example, a snake hologram in it, it’d make me feel afraid as though there’s an actual snake(or a tiger etc.)? eye-presence is there but what about emotionally fooling the mind into existence of the object in a persistent manner?

I think that’s partially beyond the tech, I think you’d need a good artist working with it as well. I don’t think there’s anything limiting about the technology to prevent this from being possible though!