How do I view lightfield pics in the looking glass?


Since I have a MacBook Pro the looking glass does not perform well in most demos but I still want to experience what it is capable of while I am waiting for an e-gpu to ship. I was hoping the light field pics section of the app demo list would give me some statically rendered images that would look good on the looking-glass display however I cant figure out how to launch them.

Is this part of the hub meant to be viewed on the volumetric display? If so how?


Hey Caleb,

The lightfield photos section of the library shows a lightfield photo in the looking glass when you mouse over the photo’s icon in the main library window. It doesn’t launch a separate application, just shows that static photo. Is that not working for you?



Gotcha. Ok so I finally figured it out but the workflow is very confusing on mac. Setup tells you to have the screens be mirrored on mac.

So essentially what I had to do was hover over the image and then I noticed that a new window opened up outside of my fullscreen view. I then was able to open that view and say I was inside of the looking glass.

I then had to switch back and forth between these full screen views in order to be able to see different pictures.