How do I video record a Looking Glass animation with my phone?


Hi all,

I let a Sketchfab creator know how cool their animated model ( looked inside the Looking Glass, and they requested for me to attach a video for all to see :slight_smile:

I set up my iPhone Xs Max on a little tripod, and tried to record the animation in the Standard Looking Glass (using Ultra resolution) at 1080p with and without the room lights on -and also- with and without the iPhone flash on. The results were not very good. Even after I used Final Cut Pro to increase the contrast some to come closer to the live experience, the image appeared far more pixelated than the live appearance.

What is the best way to capture the Looking Glass experience on video? Settings, etc.




Hi …

… we just tried to capture a video as well using ‘a real camera’ …

… and it does not look very good at all, same problems you saw …

No idea what better/else should be used … apart maybe an ‘analog’ camera I suppose ? ( film ? )



Just guessing here - try manual focus that is slightly “off”. I think perfect focus cause moire patterns with the camera sensor.