A weather app, integrated with Amazon Alexa, that shows the weather and forecast in cities around the world.



  1. Install the HoloPlayer/Pepper app below.
  2. Get the skill for your Alexa.
  3. Open the HoloPlayer app. It will ask you to enter your device ID.
  4. Start the skill by saying “Alexa, open HoloWeather.”
  5. Enter the device ID she tells you into your HoloPlayer app. You can ask to hear the device ID again.
  6. If you shut down the HoloPlayer app and open the Alexa skill, Alexa will ask you to enter your device ID again, but you don’t need to. Simply start the HoloPlayer app again and tell Alexa you are done, and the devices will be synced.


You can now ask to see the weather in cities around the world. You can also ask to switch the units of measurement between metric and imperial. You can also ask to switch to forecast mode (or access this mode by pressing the home button) to see weather in three hour intervals for the next five days.

In forecast mode, you can either scroll through the forecasts with your finger or by pressing the HoloPlayer buttons. You can return to normal view by asking Alexa, or by pressing the home button.


  • HoloPlay version 0.40
  • Uses Realsense (unless stated otherwise)
  • Does not use sound


With RealSense



Without RealSense



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