Holo pottery wheel!


While this is not a fully featured sculpting app by any means, it’s meant to simulate the experience of carving a shape into some spinning material!

I and O: Sculpt surface inwards/outwards
Shift (either): Hold to rotate
Arrow keys up/down: Hold to increase/decrease spin speed
Arrow keys left/right: Cycle through a few different materials
Escape: Reset
C: Color Picker

E: Export to a .STL file on your desktop for 3D printing!
(may require additional processing on your end, since you can sculpt the shape down to zero thickness)

  • HoloPlay version 0.35
  • Uses Realsense
  • Uses sound
  • Uses ancient magics




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Attempting to make a self-righting Tippe Top with HoloSculpt!

Exported the 3D model, waiting for the print from Shapeways now! Will report here glorious success or non-top-flipping-failure!

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I really like how the floating ball guides you as sculpting proxy. It would be cool to choose tools of different sizes for different amounts of precision.

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Got 'em in the mail! Sadly they don’t precess and flip - I think to get around the current limitations of the sculpting tool to do certain forms, we need to add just a little mass on the stem of the top and that might do it. Attempt #2 in progress.