HoloPlayer One - AR Edition?


@dez just made an incredible app for augmenting real objects like LEGOs (and in this case kombucha and water bottles) in this experimental cousin of HoloPlayer One. Still with 32 superstereoscopic views for non-HMD glorious 3D for groups – this time using a 4K screen (thanks to the hologram hacking of @alvin and @Kit_Lam).

It’s basically a pepper’s ghost, but in real no-headgear 3D.

Not sure what this thing is yet. But I like it.

(this was shot with an old iphone - zero compositing or video effects)



@oliver’s genius for holo-blobs is cross platform. This at Halcyon Records with @thejoshcraig this evening in the experimental superstereoscopic pepper’s ghost system (same HoloPlaySDK at work here)





looks super hot!
props to you and @oliver! ^ _ ^