HoloPlay With VR - native display modes Multi monitor support-please help!

@kyle I’ve seen a couple threads about this but doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.

I’m not a programmer but I’m hoping someone might be able to provide the right script to add to the VR camera to force the Vive to become an “active display” or Vice versa on the Holoplay capture cam (ideally the Holoplay cam should be the display that is optionally active as setup in the UI menu in my case)

Each of these assets wan’t to set the project to it’s own native display resolution and window/windowed settings etc So while I tried to use the code from the Unity manual it just throws errors and expects more https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/MultiDisplay.html Apparently the script attached to a camera can force the resolution and monitor refresh rate etc.

I’ve tested running VR and the LG at the same time and there is no problem there. There used to be a connected devices platform building option for Unity called N-Screen which set everything up for you instantly.

I know that VR is not the Looking Glass Factory’s mandate but I hope they might be able to provide some examples to offer more compatibility between devices - everything compliments each other and drives the public to become more interested.