HoloPlay SDK Release Notes

Release notes for the HoloPlay SDK will be posted here!


  • Realsense Manager is now a singleton and uses DontDestroyOnLoad(), this fixes the issue it was having changing scenes
  • Calibration settings for the Super Pepper prototype system have been added to the calibrator
  • Fixed an issue with the HoloPlay Previewer showing a slightly inaccurate version of the content


  • Added multiple alignment settings for the HoloPlay Previewer: Left, Right, Center and Custom
  • Fixed a major bug with the game window mover


  • Fixed an error with the realsense cursor positioning when holoplay capture was rotated


  • Separated the Realsense Manager from the HoloPlay Capture, fixing issues when the app switches between scenes
  • Shortened the amount of time before HoloPlay Preview doesn’t automatically close


  • Added a pointer to the realsense by default
  • Added a physics/rigidbody update mode to the calibrated pointer
    • Make sure to have a rigidbody and a collider on it, and it will interact with physics objects better
  • Fixed some issues with how optimization settings were opening automatically


  • Hit Shift + F10 to display HoloPlay SDK info on screen (version #, params, etc)
  • Fixed most issues with Game Window Mover (now renamed HoloPlay Previewer)
  • Fixed most issues with HoloPlay loading older configs if they exist on other drives
  • New Gizmo is less CPU intensive, cleaner looking, and indicates the camera direction
  • Added a Slope slider to the calibrator
    • Best results are achieved by alternating between slope and pitch until the bars are so wide you almost see two colors at once
    • If it gets to the point where you can look between colors and one eye sees all blue and one eye sees all green, and it gives you headache, you’ve done it right
  • Added license information
  • Updated Realsense to handle extraneous values better (thanks Oliver!)


  • Realsense works regardless of HoloPlay Capture size or position (even at start)
  • Added Slope to the calibrator–pitch and slope should be calibrated in tandem for best results
  • Added Lentil option to calibrator, which uses an inverted view cone
  • Simplified the Advanced section of the calibrator to be bigger and easier to read
  • Realsense now works on Mac in editor without crashing
  • Known issue: once activated, unity will not let go of its connection to the realsense, even if you exit play mode and the realsense turns off. What this means is that builds using realsense will not work until you exit the editor.


  • Patched an error where the calibration controls were still functional in every scene (should be restricted to only calibrator)
    edit reuploaded the zip file without the extraneous folders


  • Patched a bug where the realsense calibrator was throwing a null ref
  • Attempted fix for the model selector (lenticular > choose model) because the way it worked had issues
  • Made the pitch a little easier to get right


  • New calibration system:
    • All calibration now happens through a standalone calibrator app, win and mac builds are included in this release
    • Calibration is saved in two spots: on external memory of your choosing (first option in calibrator app), and in a persistent data folder on your local storage (backup incase external memory fails to load).
    • All HoloPlay apps starting in 0.30 will read from the same locations at start to attempt to load calibration.
    • Realsense calibration now has simplified controls:
      • Spacebar to advance through calibration steps
      • Arrow Keys + A + Z for the offset on the x y z axis
      • Y incase you need to reset the offset
  • Maximum view count expanded to 128–be aware that if you cross the 32 view threshold, you must reset the calibrator for the changes to take full effect.
  • A major fix to the macOS build target: the graphics API didn’t support some of the calls I was making, so they have been swapped out.
  • Another fix to macOS: occasionally the PlayerSettings defaults to using the Metal graphics API (in the title bar, next to the scene name, it should say which API is in use). This one really sucks for our purposes! If you select in the toolbar [HoloPlay > Optimize Project Settings] there is now an option to switch from Metal to OpenGLcore


  • People were having issues getting realsense to work in builds. This should work now but let me know if it doesn’t


  • Added Oliver’s Realsense Calibrator:
    • Use the Ctrl+T shortcut to cycle through the stages, keeping your fingertip at the indicated position at you cycle through. Check the console for progress feedback.
    • Use RealsenseCalibrator.Instance.GetWorldPos() to return the fingertip position
    • Use RealsenseCalibrator.Instance.GetHoloSpacePos() to return a 0-1 position relative to the space inside the HoloPlay Capture (0,0,0 being the left bottom back corner & 1,1,1 being the right top forward-most corner)
  • Various bugfixes


  • various bugfixes, nothing project-breaking


  • minor improvements to how calibrator and config file work


  • Renamed to HoloPlay SDK
  • Calibrator now uses slope (6/1) instead of a tilt angle
  • Refined Game Window Mover: shortcut is CTRL + E
  • Refined Calibrator: shortcut is now CTRL + W
    for the in-editor config window the shortcut is ctrl + alt + w
  • Resolution and DPI are now configurable parameters, but you may need to restart the app if you change them.
  • Pitch now goes up to 120 (higher cap)
  • now uses namespaces


  • Fixed issue where builds were not completing or were running as a black screen
  • Added a Create -> Lentil -> Lentil Capture item to the context menu, no more dragging prefabs if you don’t want to
  • The create->Lentil Capture function also runs completely independently from the prefab in the asset folder, so in the event a prefab gets messed up, lentil captures made using this function will still be properly configured.


  • Major cleaning and organizing of code
  • Huge optimization in framerate: example scene on my comp went from ~18ms to ~11ms
  • Fixed bug with increment not being editable from editor config window
  • Fixed bug with color test getting stuck upon exiting play mode with it still on


  • Crucial fixes: Lentil Capture is now scale and parent independent. It still doesn’t like negative scales but all other manipulations shouldn’t affect it.
  • Preview views with a normal camera were not working and now are.


  • Tilt is now stored as a radian value: this should increase its accuracy. 95% of the time it should be left on the default value. But it is still an adjustable parameter in the config. This also means previous configs will be wrong. Simply open the calibrator in-game (ctrl+space) and hit the Default button next to Tilt, and it will automatically save the new value.
  • Fixed bug with Lentil localScale: locked at (1,1,1); use the Size parameter to adjust its size
  • Fixed a bug where Unity would crash or hang upon building the game while the Config Window is open in the editor


  • Switched naming conventions on the version #
  • Fixed a bug with Config Window crashing Unity on play


  • Caught a bug in how the image effects worked


  • Post process effects now work–place them on the Lentil Camera as you would a normal image effect.
  • Removed redundant gameobjects: all that is needed now is the Lentil Capture prefab. Calibrator spawns dynamically when ctrl+space is pressed in-game.
  • Rendering works outside of play mode now. Use the Game Window Mover to do this (Lentil -> Game Window Mover). Warning: this is still experimental, ask @oligb for help if you want to set it up.
  • Includes the depth camera scripts now! ask @Dezt about using Real Sense.
  • For consistency the config files are now named lentilConfig.json – a better way to organize and use configs is in the works, but the JSON file can be edited like a normal text file (just open with sublime or notepad++)
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