Holoplay SDK - Extended UI

I am using the newest Holoplay SDK 1.0.1 and Unity3D 2019.1.
The Extended UI sample does not work correctly in my setup. The 2D menu appears on my PC monitor as expected. However, the 2. display (LookingGlass) changes the resolution to some lower values and the 3D picture appears completely blurry in upper left corner. The sample ignores the resolution settings which can be set at beginning. Any idea? Thanks, Martin

Hi Martin, do you happen to be running the app on Windows OS but on a Mac machine via bootcamp? That’s the only other time we’ve seen this issue.

I am using Windows 10 on Acer V 15 Nitro and full HD Nvidia 1080.
I even tried to force the required resolution on the LG monitor with help of a C# script but there is no effect at all.
The preview in Unity editor works fine.

Hmm, and single-monitor HoloPlay SDK builds without the extended UI component work as expected, correct?

Yes, correct. All other samples are working as expected.

OK, this is the second report of strange behavior on that script so we’ll need to look into it, I don’t have a fix for you now. We have a new SDK release coming, I’ll try to get this bug fix in there.

Hi there, I’m having the same issue. I’ve tried manually updating the resolution to the Looking Glass’ in the script, to no avail.

We’ve ordered a larger looking glass for this project (we were using the small one as a placeholder). I’m wondering if using a larger one will fix the issue? The small one we’re currently using won’t be used for extended UI in the future.

Copying my answer from this thread over in case anyone else winds up here.

"We’ve added doing a pass on this to the pipeline for the new release, but that new release won’t come out for another couple months. In the meantime, I would recommend using more conventional Unity UI handling functions to take care of this. We tried to use that script to be a bit smarter/make that process easier so that you could even, potentially, have the app work in both mirrored mode and extended mode. This adds complexity to what is actually not especially difficult functionality, and apparently we got something wrong in there for some edge cases.

All you really need to do, if you know you’re going to have dual display, is activate both displays, then target the HoloPlay SDK onto display two and your UI on display one as they do here. That should handle that.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have additional questions."