Holoplay.js for Linux

Hi folks,

I prefer to use Linux but there wasn’t a Holoplay.js package for it… so I made one!

You can find the code here.

You can download a release for linux here. Simply run the binary (as sudo to get access to the USB device) and navigate to a Holoplay.js example. That’s it!

I’m just a random hobbyist, so I can’t really supply support. But happy to help as I can if folks have trouble with this.



Note: this only reads the configuration. It doesn’t support buttons. Although, I’m not sure if the official Holoplay.js does?

It does now! As of v0.2.0, the HoloPlay.js library has built-in button functionality. I’m not sure if that would work with this Linux version, I’d have to try it! I’m not doing anything too complex to get that working, just checking for gamepads and firing some events.

Hi @benzn, thanks again so much for putting this together to help support our community! I thought you might be interested to see our official HoloPlay.js driver with Linux support: Web Drivers - Looking Glass Documentation

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