Holoplay API - Pre-making Quilt Questions

So I’ve gotten the API code to work with loading the images I have into the LookingGlass. However, the time it takes to load each view is fairly substantial, so I’m trying to figure out how to have things prepped.

  1. Can I have pre-made Quilt.png be converted into a texture and read without need for looping?

  2. Once I bind individual view textures to the quilt, can I then save this quilt and begin making a new one so that I may use have a loop with hp_drawLightfield() to load these textures?

I’m pretty new to coding, so any insight would be appreciated!


Yep, if you have a quilt file saved, you can simply load it with STBI or another similar library and bind it to the quilt texture, then call hp_drawLightfield(). Just make sure that the quilt tiling of your image file matches the tiling settings that you set up with the API.

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Makes sense, but I’m having some difficulty understanding how to get my OpenGL texture into the hp_quiltTexture() so that I can use hp_drawLightfield().

For individual views, I can just loop hp_copyViewToTexture(), but I don’t think there’s anything like that for whole quilts. I can’t seem to target hp_quiltTexture for binding or output, either (it’s an undeclared identifier?).

I’ve read through the OpenGL documentation but can’t seem to solve the problem with it.