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Memraxz 2!



Welcome! Memraxz 2 is a first of its kind holo-arcade-game that challenges you to use your sense of depth and reflexes to achieve the highest score possible. Taking advantage of the current HoloPlayer’s resolution, Memraxz 2 harkens back to the golden age of classic arcade cabinets.

Your goal is to sort through an ever-increasing onslaught of memory cubes, all the while making sure they don’t fall into the unconscious abyss!

  • Pickup and drag each memory cube into its corresponding portal. Every successful transfer will earn you points.
  • Some cubes are secretly “bad memories” and will show their true nature the second you pick them up. Make sure you drop them! Delivering a bad memory into a portal will make you lose points!
  • Don’t let good memories fall into the unconscious abyss, or you’ll lose a life! You only have five lives! :open_mouth:
  • Be careful. The mind tends to wander…your portals may occasionally switch positions.
  • Try to beat the high score!

Memraxz 2 uses a modified Nintendo Switch Joy-con remote.

Cursor: Use this to navigate a the hologram!
Right “R” Bumper: Press and hold to grab a memory cube. Release to drop it into its portal.

Tech Details:
HoloPlay version 0.35
Uses Realsense
Uses sound
Uses modified Nintendo Switch Joy-con remote

PC Build: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ime2ioeo38y8hfj/Memraxz2_PC_Fixed.zip?dl=0
Mac Build: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwh01lozruwalhj/Memraxz_2_Mac.zip?dl=0


Sweet! (psst, do those links work yet?) :slightly_smiling_face:

Not yet but they will! Couldn’t upload anything yesterday. Will do today!

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Psst! The links work now! :smiley:


Amazing, thanks!!!

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