HoloFlix Player

HoloFlix Player

A video player app made for HoloFlix videos and the HoloPlayer One


Use the UI on the left of the screen to go through your hard drive to load new videos directly into the app. You can rotate the HoloFlix video using either your finger and the RealSense, or using the mouse by clicking and dragging. The toggles on the right side control different parameters for the video being shown.


  • HoloPlay version 0.392
  • Uses Realsense
  • Uses sound
  • Best with extended, rather than mirrored, displays, which is Windows only





This gif is a little hard to explain, but really cool. It’s a Youtube video of HoloFlix streaming through a ChromeCast. What I did was upload to Youtube the raw HoloPlayer shader applied to the HoloFlix video. So, on Youtube without a HoloPlayer One (or, as seen here, our prototype Super Pepper system), you just see the pixel dispersion going on. But if you stream this onto one of our systems, you can see the video in true 3D, streamed down directly from Youtube.

There is a little bit of color distortion going on from the way Youtube compresses pixel data, but it proves that 3D video streaming via Youtube is possible, which is exciting news! More to follow.